Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Intraday tips for today 24 Nov.2011 | Nifty Future Support and Resistance

Today The Nifty future closed at 4703.80 by declining 101.40 points or 2.11%t. Nifty future down 2744450 shares in open interest, and came to a discount of 7.05 from 2.55.whereas cost of carry is–4.86 vs - 3.73 down 146.97 percent.
The Nifty Nov series is trading at 2.55 Rs discount to Underlying . In derivative cumulatively for all series contract Nifty future net added 15.51 lakh position in open interest and this accounts to 4.16 % of Total Open Interest in all series and cumulatively trading in average premium of 15.12 Rs to Underlying.
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