Tuesday, December 20, 2011


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INTRADAY TIPS FOR 21 Dec:- After the middle positive opening stock market could not able to sustain the recover and start its trading at red zone this was happen due to fall and selling pressure in some heavy index like Reliance,SBI,BHEL.And stock market closed its trading at 15182 (provisional), down 197 points with some loss.For Whole Dec Volality will sustain.

NIFTY VIEW WITH SUPPORT AND RESISTANCE LEVEL FOR TOMORROW 21 Dec(NIFTY TREND):-NIFTY had one more red day and closed at 4544, down 69 points.in Todays tarding session nifty break the phsocological level.Nifty has resistance level at 4611 and last resistance level at 4712 .Nifty has support at 4510 and last support at 4409 for tomorrow.

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