Tuesday, January 17, 2012


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FREE INDIAN INTRADAY TIPS TODAY 18 JAN-In Indian Intraday stock Market bull was on the full mood and had the full control over the intraday stock market and closed with handsome gains.Sensex got the triple up points then the last day and closed at 16466, up 277 points.In the morning session the profit was lead by the large cap stocks followed by the strong Global cues.

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NIFTY VIEW WITH SUPPORT AND RESISTANCE LEVEL FOR TOMORROW 18 Jan(NIFTY TREND):-Nifty had the higher end TODAY closing  at 4967, up 93 points with high volume.Nifty has resistance level at 4990 and last resistance level at 5062 and support at 4918 and last support at 4847 and has pivot level at 4947.