Thursday, January 19, 2012


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FREE INTRADAY STOCK MARKET TIPS TODAY:- Indian Intraday stock Market close above with the support of heavy index.BANKS,METAL,OIL & GAS,Lead the market today.Only IT and FMCG were the two sectors which disappoint the intraday stock market today.Sensex stopped its trading session at 16644, up 192 points. The expectations from RIL results and news of buy back of shares and the RBI policy has been too high and the market has gone ahead to price it Tomorrow trend will be bullish if these result come with the expectations.

NIFTY TREND WITH SUPPORT AND RESISTANCE LEVEL FOR TOMORROW 20 Jan :- Nifty had the strong note closing today at 5018, up 63 points.Nifty has resistance level at 5030 and last resistance level at 5062 and support at 4998 and last support at 4966 and has pivot level at 5010.

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NIFTY FUTURE TIPS AND VIEW:-For tomorrow nIfty Future has resistance level at 5035 and last resistance level at 5071 and support at 4999 and last support at 4963 and has pivot level at 5013.