Friday, March 30, 2012

Free Stock Tips For Today

stock market has the postive note opening today on the first day of the F&O series.Stock market has weak trend for todays trading session.If NIFTY breaches 5211 and stays above at least 5194 with good volume then NIFTY trend is becoming 'STRONG' and may see 5228 and 5250. If Nifty breaches 5146 and stays below 5163 then NIFTY trend is said to be 'WEAK'.Then expected lower targets are 5125 and 5100.
STOCK CALLS TODAY|INTRADAY TIPS:-BUY GRAVITA INDIA ABOVE 650 First Target 655 Second Target 664 Stop Loss 644.
Buy C MAHENDRA above 138.50 for the target of 142 with the stop loss of 134.50.
Buy ABAN OFFSHORE above 423 for the target fo 428 with the stop loss of 417.
Buy RANBAXY above 450 for the target of 458 with the stop loss of 437.
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