Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Intraday stock market took some momentum and lclosed with high end today.As the April month start its trading session its seems that it will take the market at positive note as 5 consecutive years April was the gainer month Historically.So its seems that we are going to enter in to bullish frame accrording to past perforamce of the April month.in this month volatility may down but it is not a signal for pure bullish session.It just a prediction from our expert.Due to RBI policies and earning April is going to be the important month for the indian stock market.If RBI cut rate then surely it will support the stock market.
Nifty Trend and Levels:- Nifty has support at 5366 for tomorrow if this will cross then next support will be at 5331.Nifty has resistace level at 5401 and has last resistance level at 5436 have pivot level at 5384.
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