Thursday, May 10, 2012

Intraday calls | Nifty Strategy for today 10 may 2012

Nifty strategy today :- Today nifty have weak trend.if nifty breaches 5008 and stays above at least 4991 with good volume then nifty trend is becoming 'strong' and may see 5025 and 5060. if nifty breaches 4942 and stays below 4959 then nifty trend is to be 'weak'.then expected lower targets are 4925 and nifty is going to trade between the broad range of 4920-5040.
Intraday calls for today :- intraday call BUY Reliance Inds. target 710 stop loss 688 
Buy ranbaxy targets are 519,525. Stop loss 506 
Buy EMAMI LTD. Buy above 478 for target of 490 with stop loss of 457 
Sell ARVIND LTD. Below 76 for target of 72 with stop loss of 81.