Monday, May 14, 2012

Stock Market View | Nifty level Tomorrow 15 May 2012

stock market trend :- After positive opening in the morning session,stock market traded at lower end pulling by the baking stocks and latr on by oil and gas, and realty follw.Stock market closed due to weakening rupee, waning of rate cut hopes after higher than expected inflation for April and Europe turmoil.The Sensex closed at 16216, down 77 points , and the Nifty shut shop at 4908, down 21 points.For tomorrow stock market is showing week trend. 
Nifty support and resistance level :- for tomorrow nifty have support level at 4847 if this will break then next support level will be 4762.nifty have resistance level at 4932 if this will break then next resistance level will be 5017 and have pivot level at 4899.