Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Intraday Tips For Today |Nifty Strategy

Intraday stock market is showing the flat to little lower level trading session today.today weak trading session is expecting to sustain.stock market start its trading at 17308, up 35 points,and Nifty is at 5263, up 6 points.
Nifty Strategy for today:-If NIFTY breaches 5314 and stays above at least 5285 with good volume then NIFTY trend is becoming 'STRONG' and may see 5350 and 5400. If Nifty breaches 5200 and stays below 5229 then NIFTY trend is to be 'WEAK'.Then expected lower targets are 5165 and 5120.
Nifty Tips For today:-SHORT NIFTY 5260-70 SL 5300 SPOT
Nifty Future calls:-BUY -5304 TARGETS -5319,5370,5420 SL-5290 OR SELL-5265 TARGETS -5245,5205,5150 SL-5285
Intraday Tips | stock calls for today:-BUY AXIS 1296-7 SL 1288
BUY SBIN 2150-62 SL 2130
BUY ABG Infra for the target of 226 with the stop loss of 208.
Buy IFB Industries for the target of 91 with the stop loss of 83.
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