Monday, March 19, 2012

Nifty Trend Tomorrow |Intraday stock market Overview

Intraday Stock Market Trend:-Intraday stock market fall with 1% down on the first day of the week opening today and closed below to its phsychological level and that fall todays political uncertanity made a important role in indian intraday market fall.Today both investrors and traders change their positive which they have made before the budget that took the sensex almost 193 points down and closed at 17,273.37.
Nifty Trend:- Nifty had the red zone ending today and closed at 5,257.05 whih was lead by capital goods, banks, technology, oil & gas and capital goods stocks.
Nifty Support and Resistance Level Tomorrow:- Nifty has support at 5235 to the 5134 and resistance at 5336-5437 and pivot level at 5297.
bank Nifty has support at 10111 to the 9798 and resistance at 10424-10737 with the pivot level of 10303.